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Sciedu Press is a private scientific publishing house. We further our objective of excellence in science, education, and culture by publishing a variety of research from around the world. We publish scholarly journals, scientific, and educational books. We specialize in publishing research journals covering a broad range of fields including sciences, medicine, social sciences, engineering, business, and management.

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>> Biology & Medicine




Case Reports in Clinical Pathology



Case Reports in Internal Medicine



Case Studies in Surgery


Clinical Nursing Studies



International Journal of Diagnostic Imaging



International Journal of Healthcare


Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics


Journal of Biomedical Graphics and Computing



Journal of Epidemiological Research



Journal of Hematological Malignancies


Journal of Hospital Administration



Journal of Nursing Education and Practice



Journal of Solid Tumors



>> Economics & Management




Accounting and Finance Research



Business and Management Research



International Journal of Business Administration



International Journal of Financial Research



Journal of Business Administration Research



Journal of Management and Strategy



Management and Organizational Studies



Research in World Economy



>> Sciences & Engineering




Artificial Intelligence Research



>> Social Sciences & Humanities




English Linguistics Research



International Journal of English Language Teaching



International Journal of Higher Education



International Research in Higher Education



Journal of Curriculum and Teaching



Studies in Asian Social Science



World Journal of Education



World Journal of English Language



World Journal of Social Science






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