Journal of Nursing Education and Practice

Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (PRINT ISSN 1925-4040, ONLINE ISSN 1925-4059) is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal providing a forum for original research, case reports, experience exchange and reviews to the fields of nursing on clinical nursing, nursing administration, nursing practice, nursing education and other relevant nursing issues.

The primary aim of the JNEP is to promote a high standard of clinically related scholarship that supports the practice and education of nursing. These aims are achieved through promoting the international exchange of ideas and experience that draw from the different cultures in which practice takes place. Manuscripts on evidence-based nursing and nursing education are preferred.

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To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs, the journal accepts Online submission and Email submission. All manuscripts and any supplementary material can be submitted via the journal’s Online Submission or email to For online submission, please create a new account and then follow the instructions given on the screen.

JNEP’s Sections:

Original Research, Clinical Practice, Conference Report, Experience Exchange, Review.


2017 Q3: Articles Received: 86; Accepted: 43; Rejected: 12; Published: 37; Retracted: 0

2017 Q2: Articles Received: 76; Accepted: 46; Rejected: 19; Published: 40; Retracted: 0

2017 Q1: Articles Received: 74; Accepted: 48; Rejected: 15; Published: 53; Retracted: 0

2016: Articles Received: 342; Accepted: 211; Rejected: 81; Published: 209; Retracted:0

2015: Articles Received: 354; Accepted: 233; Rejected: 106; Published: 215; Retracted: 0

2014: Articles Received: 307; Accepted: 203; Rejected: 94; Published: 214; Retracted: 0

2013: Articles Received: 258; Accepted: 169; Rejected: 84; Published: 204; Retracted: 1


What is e-Version FirstTM

e-Version First is a feature offered through our journal platform. It allows PDF versions of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted, to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final printed journal. Readers can freely access or cite the article. We aim to publish accepted manuscripts in e-Version First two week after the final draft has been completed.


Paper Selection and Publication Process

a) Upon receipt of paper submission, the Editor sends an E-mail of confirmation to the corresponding author within 1-3 working days. If you fail to receive this confirmation, your submission/e-mail may be missed. Please contact the Editor in time for that.

b) Peer review. We use double-blind system for peer-review; both reviewers' and authors' identities remain anonymous. The paper will be peer-reviewed by three experts; two external reviewers and one editor from the journal are typically involved in reviewing a submission. The review process normally takes 2-4 weeks.

c) Notification of the result of review by E-mail.

d) The authors revise paper and pay publication fee (300.00 USD).

e) After publication, the corresponding author will receive the copy of printed journal, free of charge.

f) E-journal in PDF is available on the journal’s webpage, free of charge for download.


The publisher and journal have a policy of “Zero Tolerance on Plagiarism”. We check the plagiarism issue through two methods: reviewer check and plagiarism prevention tool (

All submissions will be checked by iThenticate before being sent to reviewers.




Acknowledgements to our reviewers

We would like to express our gratitude to all ERB members of Journal of Nursing Education and Practice and those who have made great contributions for the journal for their excellent work and the professional spirit. Without the knowledge, skill and dedication of reviewers, JNEP will not achieve the level today. The journal thanks all reviewers and wishes them Happy New Year. We expect the new collaboration and common progress with all reviewers in 2016.  
Posted: 2015-12-30
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Vol 8, No 2 (2018)

Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2018, e-Version First TM

Table of Contents

Original Research

Yasuyo Sato, Sachiko Okamoto, Kazunori Kayaba, Hiroaki Nobuhara, Keiko Soeda
Sandra Pennbrant, Håkan Nunstedt
Britta Hørdam, Rikke Volmer Brandsen, Troels Krarup Frandsen, Anikke Bing, Heidi Næsted Stuhaug, Kim Petersen
Jilan Ibrahim Al-Battawi, Noha Mohamed Mahmoud, Rasha Mohamed Essa
Juliana P. Machado, Eugenia V. Veiga, Paulo A. C. Ferreira, Jose Carlos A. Martins, Elisabeth Atila, Fernanda R. E. Gimenes
Sari Hirsikangas, Outi Kanste, Juha Korpelainen, Risto Bloigu, Helvi Kyngäs
Helder Rocha Pereira, Maryellen D. Brisbois, Helena Oliveira Silva, Caitlin M. Stover
Pamela K. Strohfus, Oya Paugh, Chelsea Tindell, Paula Molina-Shaver
Stacy Blake, Lana Teegarden, Ashley Peacock, Janet Crumley, Ashley Stumpenhaus, Amber Leone, Jessica Conant, Todd Fullerton, Zipporah Gachoya, Peggy Ward-Smith

Clinical Practice

Reinaldo Antonio Silva-Sobrinho, Adriana Zilly, Franz Porzsolt
Andra L. Davis, Megan E. Lippe
Kathy Summers Auberry, Deborah Cullen, Gaye Luna