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Sjøvold, Endre, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management, NTNU, Norway (Norway)
Skarsaune, Kari, University of Nordland, Faculty of Professional Studies (Norway)
Skjong, Rickard J., Department of Nursing Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); NTNU Center for Health Promotion Research (Norway)
Skovdahl, Kirsti
Skyvell Nilsson, Maria, University West (Sweden)
Slettebø, Åshild, University of Agder, Faculty of Health and Sport, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kristiansand (Norway)
Smith-Turchyn, Jenna, McMaster University, School of Rehabilitation Science, Hamilton, ON (Canada)
Smits, Carolien H.M., Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle (Netherlands)
Sol, Berna G.M., Institute for Nursing Studies and University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool Utrecht During the study: Department of Vascular Medicine, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands (Netherlands)
South, Beverly J.
Speck, Kirsten E.
Spruill, Ida J.
Stalefors, Josefin, University West (Sweden)
Stare, Ann-Christine
Steen, Carl Fritz, Arch Health Partners, Poway, United States (United States)
Stephenson, Wilson H. (Canada)
Stevens, Meriam, Oakland University (United States)
Stone, Susan (United States)
Stoopendaal, Annemieke, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Health Policy and Management, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Strating, Mathilde M.H., Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Health Policy and Management, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Strömqvist, J., Kalmar County Council, Primary Care unit (Sweden)
Suggs, Patricia M., Gaston Memorial Hospital at Caromont Health (United States)
Suhonen, Marjo, Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management, University of Oulu; Medical Research Group, Oulu (Finland)
Sun, Fan-Ko, Department of Nursing, I-Shou University, (Taiwan, Province of China)
Sund Levander, Märta Helena, Division of Nursing Sciences, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University, Linköping (Sweden)

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