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F. Ekpo, Christopher, The University of the West Indies School of Nursing, Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies (Jamaica)
Fang, Ya, Key Laboratory of Health Technology Assessment of Fujian Province, School of Public Health, Xiamen University (China)
Fernandes, Susan M., Stanford University School of Medicine, Office of PA Education (United States)
Ferrante, Pierpaolo, Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Epidemiology and Hygiene, Istituto Nazionale Assicurazione Contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro (INAIL) (Italy)
Forchuk, Cheryl, Western University (Canada)
Forgrave, Daniel, University of Calgary in Qatar (Qatar)
Forinder, Ulla, Department of Health and Working Life, University of Gävle, Gävle (Sweden)
Fusheini, Adam, Centre for Health Policy/MRC Health Policy Research Group; School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand, Private Bag X3, Wits 2050, Johannesburg, South Africa (South Africa)

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