Call for Papers: WJEL Special Issue - Impact of Education 4.0 for Second Language Learning and Teaching


The change in worldwide mobility is a natural and inevitable feature today as we are in the digital era now. Education 4.0 is driven by the commencement of Industry 4.0, which is a present trend of digitalization and automation of industries. Technology integrated teaching and learning (Education 4.0) is useful for effective education. The concept of Education 4.0 has gained popularity in recent days. Education 4.0 methodologies have prompted areas of scholarly inquiry, new communicative practices, increasing opportunities for intercultural engagement, supporting new instructional formats and changing the day-to-day communication and learning practices of both teachers and students.

Without a doubt, there is no exemption for Second Language Learning and Teaching too. The adoption of Education 4.0 helps support the acquisition of Second Language Learning and Teaching easier. Therefore, this Special Issue aims to publish articles that focus on second language learning and teaching concerning digital integration and online methodologies (Education 4.0).

This Special Issue intends to include a range of studies that consider diverse theoretical and instructional practices for second language learning and teaching using technologies. 

This special issue is not only limited to empirical research but also welcomes conceptual articles that discuss multiple research approaches to investigations of digital writing and examine relevant theoretical frameworks and constructs, which guide empirical research and research-informed pedagogies for second language learning and teaching. Besides, it also welcomes articles related to linguistics/literary discourse.


The Special Issue’s objectives are to fill the research gap that occurs in the Second Language Learning and Teaching using Education 4.0.

Given this, this Special Issue on “Impact of Education 4.0 for Second Language Learning and Teaching” fills a considerable gap in the literature. It encourages a diverse set of submissions, and this section will welcome papers that, inter alia, refer to (but are not limited to) themes such as:

Ø    Learning Second Language using Education 4.0

Ø    Teaching Second Language using Education 4.0

Ø    Influence of ESL/EFL/ESP/EAP in Technology Integration

Ø    Use of technologies for online environments

Ø    Effective activities for digital learning

Ø    Use of game-based and mobile-assisted assessment

Ø    Assessments and tests with language learners with special needs

Ø    E-assessment

Ø    Linguistics/Literary Discourse

Ø    ICT for Second Language teaching/learning

Special issue Editors

Ahdi Hassan, Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal

Department of English Language, College of Arts and Sciences, Methnab, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia


Dr. T.PADMAPRIYA, Managing Director, Melange Publications Puducherry - India

Dr. A. Hariharasudan, Faculty of English Kalasalilngam Academy of Research and Education

Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil Tamil Nadu, India

Email IDs:;

All submission must go to the special issue editor, 


Deadline:  February 15, 2022

Publication date: March, 2022